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All four are amazing face masks. Not sure which one? On the bottom right of the web page ask one of our factory team person on the chat. They all have adjustable ear loops and fit very well over the surgical masks.
3 LAYER MASK WITH BLACK HEMMING Soft Polyester + Cotton + Soft Polyester3 great mask tight weave fabrics 6” W 4” H Built-In Nose Bridge  Optional Adjustable Ear Loops 1 3 LAYER INFINITY MASK Soft Polyester + Cotton + Soft Polyester3 great mask tight weave fabrics. 4.33” 6.70” 3 Adjustable Ear Loops Built-In Nose Bridge  Optional
INFINITY MASK WITH FILTER 2 LAYERS + 2 5 LAYER FILTERS = 7 Layers Soft Polyester + Filter +100% Cotton 2 filters are included. Light use filters are good up to 7 days, heavy use up to 2-3 days. Additional filters at 59¢ ea.
6” W 3.75” H 2 Adjustable Ear Loops
Filter Pouch
4 LAYER FORM FIT MASK Add a filter and becomes a 7 layer. Soft Poly + Memory Foam + Cotton + Cotton. Special cone designed. Extremely comfortable and breathable. Active wear.
4 Filter InsertPouch SmartAdjuster Wrinkle Resistant Front Dual Extra Comfort Foam Smart Inner Centre Stitch and Curve for Easier Breathing 3” (3”+3”=6”)  4”H
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Reinforced stitching Easy adjust Cloth Elastic Unique Cone Shape to give better breathe-ability
Face masks 1, 2 and 3 can be printed covering the full mask. Form fit can only have one image on one side or both, but note full coverage. You can also pick background and images from IMAGE SITE and simply tell us the code or item number.
CUSTOM FACE MASK FACTORY IS OPEN! Don’t know which face mask? Our ONLINE CHAT is here to help you. Click on the chat icon at the bottom of the page to chat with our Mask Factory Team!
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