QUESTIONS & ANSWERS WHERE ARE THEY FINISHED AND READY? These are all certified “ONTARIO MADE” at our Burlington, ON facility. So if there are issues, we can easily correct it and quickly replace items. HOW FAST CAN WE PRODUCE IT? Standard production of quantities of up to 1000 is 5-7 business days. Rush can be as fast as next business days. Just check with our team. CAN WE PICK-UP IN BURLINGTON, ON? Yes, we have a secure area for pickup. Pickup is available by appointment Monday to Saturday 10 am to 5:30 pm. IF I GAVE YOU A BACKGROUND COLOUR OR DESIGNED IT MYSELF, CAN YOU HAVE THAT ON THE MASK? Absolutely, but it also depends on the type of mask. Basic setup is FREE. Let’s say you order our Infinity 3 Layer and you tell us can I have a blue background and my logo or our family picture. No problem, that is recognized as FREE BASIC SETUP. IS SHIPPING FREE? Yes, if your order of any combination of items totalling $250 Canadian before taxes anywhere within Canada or continental USA. CAN i COME-IN AND PLACE THE ORDER? We would love to see you, but due to Covid-19 and since we are a production place, we have to protect our management and staff. Also, we have to make sure our clients safety. So we have gone through enourmous trouble to ensure our website is transparent, having a chat line and making sure to assist you. BIG ADVANTAGE USING US? Since we produce them in-house, let us say you ordered 100 for a church event, but day earlier you found out that now there will we 150, well call us, high possibility we can get the additional 50 done for you. That is priceless.
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