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Since businesses are now starting-up. Face shield are becoming an important part of health care providers, emergency response teams, animal health care providers, retails outlets, grocery stores and service employees. It’s always important to be safe and providing safety of your teams and clients.
FACE SHIELD Style A Non-Branded
BRANDED FACE SHIELD Style B We can add your organization name or individuals name. Logo too. A deterrent to theft.
PREMIUM FACE SHIELD Style C With a black and gold engraved plate on the face. A brilliant look and feel. A perfect and professional branded look.
FDA COMPLIANT PET shield meets FDA requirements under 21 CFR 177,1630. EVA filler complies with FDA regulations 21 CFR 177.1350, Paragraphs A, C, D and E.
SPECIFICATIONS • Shield made from 10mil clear PET • 0.75”-1” elastic • 1” firm foam for support for extra comfort • Suitable for individual use • Shield approx. 13”W x 9”H Shipped with peel-off film. Film helps during shipping the product.
EASY CLEANING After every use, it is recommended to wash the shield with soap and warm water. Sanitizer can be applied with a soft paper towel. Aggressive cleaning agents are not recommended. Store in a safe, clean and dry area. Some store them in a Ziploc bag. Recommend use is for 7 days.
These are amazing high quality polycarbonate face shields, which are durable, lightweight and designed for comfort. Not a flimsy plastic! Scratch and impact resistant visor has clear vision. Designed with straps and stretch rubber. Ultra thick foam on front pad to create extra spacing to make wearing glasses or face masks comfortable. Made with same material as many car headlights. • Injection molded polycarbonate lenses • Scratch and crack resistant • Closed cell foam Reusable and easy to clean EASY CLEANING • Can be cleaned using mild soap and water with a soft cloth. Rinse throughly and dry on a clean surface. • Household glass cleaner can be used to to clean visor • Visor circumference length is 29.5cm (11.6in) • Overall visor height is 21.5 cm (8.46in) • Comfortably fits 15-18 cm (5.9in- 7in head width
ORDER SECURELY HERE Style A and B with no customization are ready to ship same day. Style C and A and B with customization take 4-5 business days to create and ship. Shipping within GTA is a flat rate of $16.95 plus tax regardless of quantity. We also ship nation wide. Note: If you are in a medical field, we strongly recommend following CDC guidelines by using a face shield along with a surgical face mask. We do offer customized surgical face masks. Ask our team for a quote. They come in traditional blue or black.
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