Economical raw method of branding your packing to give that professional confidence look. From our easy to use rocker stamps, to our giant metal commercial stamp, these are all truly remarkable. They are all created through our state-of-the- art laser machines and using unique odour less blue and grey rubber engineered to give you brilliant looking rubber stamps. Our giant stamps go up to 8’x8’. Need them bigger, well we supply many lumber mills with rubber in segments of 4”x8” and when they stick together on a 4” x 96” lumber and simply spread the ink and create an ultimate MEGA STAMP!
3-4 Day Print Time
2” High x 3” Wide
3” High x 3” Wide
3” High x 4” Wide
3” High x 5” Wide
3” High x 6” Wide
All prices are in Canadian Dollars Basic Set-up is FREE
5 Day Print Time
2 Day Print Time
Up To 5.5”x8.5”
Up To 7.75”x10.25”
Commercial Stamp Pad 6.5”x 8.66”
Commercial Stamp Pad 9.45”x 12”
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STAMP FACTORY IS OPEN All stamps are created and designed in-house in Burlington, ON Canada Known for our attention to detail and exceptional quality!
INDUSTRIAL METAL ROCKER STAMP Ergonomically designed for an amazing impression, grip and many users have said it increases the stamping speed and impression pressure. Laser engraved with precision on rubber for great clarity.
Stamp Pads Commercial Pads are shown above.
2” x 3-½”
2-¾” x 4-⅜
3-½” x 6-⅜”
5” x 7”
Refill Inks Recommended for premium rubber stamps.
Refill Inks
Standard Ink - 25 ML Black, Red, Blue, Green and Violet For all absorptive materials
Standard Ink - 1 L Black, Red, Blue, Green and Violet For all absorptive materials
Fabric Ink- 4 oz Black, REd, Blue and White Ink
Fabric Ink- 1 Pint Black, Red, Blue and White Ink
Frozen Food Ink - 4 oz Purple and Red Ink
Frozen Food Ink - 8 oz Purple and Red Ink
Ultra Permanent Ink - 4 oz. Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow and White



Looking for 20 or more stamps? Ask us for a volume discount. We also drop-ship to multiple locations nationwide and across USA.
3-4 Day Print Time
Metal Base & Top
TRADITIONAL RUBBER STAMP All our wooden mount rocker stamps and our standard wood mounts are all milled in-house. These are all crafted to give you the best possible products.
ROCKER MOUNT Better even impression and less stress on wrist and hand.
STANDARD MOUNT Limited on the size of the stamp.
Since all these stamps are hand crafted in-house, we can make the rubber virtually any size. Example if you need a rocker stamp that is 3” x 3.5”, use the 4”x4” pricing.
HOW ABOUT INK? Standard Ink: Absorptive materials User with wooden mount and other stamps on the site. Great for paper, uncoated boxes and paper bags. Standard drying time. Red, Green, Black, Blue and Purple Ink Speciality - Fabric Ink: Canvas Bags, T-Shirts and Other Fabrics User with wooden mount and other stamps on the site. Non-porous surfaces. Permanent marking of light coloured cotton, linen & rayon. Black, Red, Blue and White Ink Speciality - Freezer (Frozen Food Ink): Permanent ink for packaging in low temperature. Best on light colour surfaces Purple and Red Ink Speciality - Ultra Permanent Opaque Ink: Virtually on anything including plastic bags, wood, metal, etc. You can pick-up this product in Burlington. Need it shipped? Hazardous shipping charges may apply. User with wooden mount and other stamps on the site. Non-porous and porous surfaces. Permanent - will not wipe-off with water or alcohol and is fade resistant ink. Dries in 15 seconds, but make sure to test it, some surfaces may take up to 2 minutes. Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow and White. Important: For fabric, freezer and permanent inks, make sure to use premium rubber. All our stamps in 2021 use premium blue and grey premium rubber. Since these inks dry very fast, we recommend strongly that they are stored in a air tight bag like Ziplock plastic bags. Make sure to cover the ink pads to avoid drying fast.
If you choose SPECIALITY INKS the ink pads will come blank, you simply have to place the ink you choose. ORDER NOW ORDER NOW
ORDER SECURELY HERE• Created in Burlington, ON  Canada• Shipped Virtually Anywhere - Local Contact-Less Pick-Up Available (Monday - Saturday) • FREE Shipping Within GTA, If Your Order Totals $150 before taxes• Need Help Ordering?  Chat Lines Open Monday - Saturday 10 am to 7 pm EST)
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Basic Set-Up is FREE! Text and logo with standard text. FREEDOM OF DESIGNING You can now design it yourself on MSWord®, MSPublisher®, AI, Corel and simply save it as a PDF and send us the file. There is not extra charge. CUSTOM DESIGNING For a little extra, our designers can custom design the stamp for you. Have a table, graphics, etc.